A proactive UK personal taxation service providing expert UK tax return advice for professional and expat income tax returns.

Let me complete your annual UK tax return this year and you will enjoy the security of an expert UK qualified expat tax adviser solving your income tax problems at lower cost value for money.

Your tax and return problems are unique to your specific circumstance and I understand that. by helping private expatriates, clients and companies since 1995. I understand how to find a right solution and get your UK tax forms prepared and submitted without difficulty.

  1. Contact me with your details and a brief summary of your situation today.This allows you to tell me about yourself and your circumstance and I’ll review your details in full.
  2. I’ll contact you by email or phone to discuss in more detail.After reviewing your details we’ll need to talk confidentially to discuss the best way forward.
  3.  I’ll send you your tax return and papers ready for HMRC submission.All forms & correspondence are packaged in .pdf so they can be easily emailed and printed by you.

I have been advising UK and expatriate clients since 1995. Tax is complex and always changing. I am expert in using the UK tax rules to minimise your tax bill cost. This saves you money and time and encourages you to better plan your affairs to save even more tax.

As a member of 3 professional tax bodies I am a highly qualified tax professional to provide UK tax advice, preparation of your UK income tax return as well as refund tax you have overpaid.

My €230 fixed price is a FULL SERVICE and not reduced in any way. This covers most UK income tax returns and the associated estimate work with advice and computations for a tax year, preparing your electronic tax forms and paperwork and communicating with the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on your behalf.

For additional or specific advice I charge €100 per hour. Typically most additional advice bespoke to your situation takes 1-2 hours and will result in a letter from me setting out my expert advice. We’ll discuss what you need and I’ll estimate my time and quote you the fixed price so you don’t need to be concerned that time will be spent over and above what you expect. Many expat clients use this as an opportunity to request a 2nd opinion on other advice you may have received.

Managing your Inland Revenue or HMRC tax UK affairs is normally a burden and a worry if you are not experienced with the many tax forms and changing tax rules.