Expatriate tax service? UK tax return when living abroad.

To me, an expatriate for tax purposes is normally someone who works or lives away from their home country.

In these circumstances you the expatriate are in a foreign country and getting to grips with a new tax regime and looking to complete a tax return in the UK for foreigners.

Do I need to file a UK tax return if I live abroad? Do I have to pay UK tax if I live abroad? What are my UK taxes when living abroad?

These are the sorts of expat questions I can help you with. Send me a message with a brief overview of your circumstance.

Using email for communication means time zones are less of an issue and as I tend to use .pdf format for most of my communication, tax forms and advice letters this speeds up delivery straight to your email inbox without any risk of international post delays.

This coupled with electronic filing of your main UK tax forms means turnaround is much faster than other methods.

  • If you need help with expat taxes, UK tax advice on returning to the UK or are an expatriate working in the UK contact me today as your expat tax consultant for a brief initial talk in confidence.
  • It is critical that you do not pay more tax than you need – taking advice almost always saves you tax as well as remove any uncertainty you have.