You want a fixed price online tax return service without costing too much!

You have to get your tax return right…but no costly surprises please. Ideally offer me a fixed price tax preparation service I can rely upon.

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Make sure your tax advisor is a professional and that means he is qualified!

I use expert tax preparer software that allows your tax return to be sent to HMRC electronically each year. This takes the pressure of you a little bit because if you leave filing your tax return to the last minute…at least you know it can be submitted to HMRC on the last day if needed!

Most of us expats are working on computers so preparing and sending your tax information by email has become the simplest way to communicate. This saves everyone time and that allows fixed price taxation returns and accounts.

So what is the cost of a personal tax return? How much does it cost to have a tax return done? How much does an accountant cost to do a tax return?

What can I do to reduce this price even more?

  • Expat tax returns without accounts, but advice about non-residency.
  • Employee tax returns.
  • Very simple UK rental accounts.
  • You collated your tax papers making my job easier.
  • You have been a client for years and nothing is changing much.
  • You husband or wife has practically the same information.
  • In these situations my fee will be between lower than average and likely to be the same fixed price for years to come reflecting the reduced complexity or the ease of understanding your taxation information.

What about the expert advice…how is that billed?

Usually this is included…no extra costly fee. If you have a specific tax issue to solve, these rarely take more than 1-2 hours. Longer jobs such as detailed HMRC tax investigations are billed hourly. But you will surprised how much work can be done in 1 hour.

How is this fixed price possible?

The first year usually has extra work but in subsequent years we know each other well and it makes preparing your return easier. I know you don’t like surprises so I try to keep my fee fixed the same as each year passes.

When I review your annual tax return papers I will see things I want to discuss with you and this advice is just a part of my personal tax adviser service.

You are free to ask me questions during the year…thinking of selling your house….thinking of changing jobs…thinking of making pension contributions…it is exactly these types of income tax questions you want to freely ask and without receiving a shocking invoice!

Still have questions? Let me know