Self-employed accounts

A self-employed person is someone who works in their own capacity. This includes many consultants, contractors and professionals.

As self-employed you are expected to prepare tax accounts and calculate your own tax and national insurance due on your profits. It is easy to get confused and certainly to miss out on planning opportunities.

If you are looking for some help with identifying the HMRC treatment of business expenses – what is allowed and what is not please review my business expenses information .pdf

You have enough work running your business to get swamped by the tax administrative burden so let me review your situation and look after HMRC for you.

The tax payments due by the self-employed often cause cash flow problems especially in the early years of starting.

Your balance of tax for the year is due on 31st January but you are also expected to make additional payments on account towards the next years tax bill so you find yourself paying 24 months worth of tax in a short 6 month period.

By planning as far ahead as practical I can help you with tax planning opportunities and with anticipated tax payments so you have as few surprises as possible.