Tax information and documents for your HMRC tax return

This UK tax document checklist summarises the tax information you need to consider and prepare when completing a UK HM Revenue & Customs tax return.

Not all these tax points may apply to you however, it is important you consider them all if there have been changes to your circumstances since your last UK HMRC tax return.

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  1. Earned income from employment, including termination payments and Benefits-in-kind as stated on Certificate P60 and Form P11D.
  2. Income from your trade or business or copy accounts if already prepared.
  3. Income from Pensions or Annuities.
  4. Deposit account interest, e.g. from banks, building societies, National Savings Bank, stockbroker, including closed accounts with a note of the interest at date of closure and details of any new accounts opened including the date opened, account number and branch. Please indicate whether received net or gross.
  5. Dividend and interest tax vouchers or stockbrokers annual tax report.
  6. Any income from abroad. Please indicate whether any local taxes have been deducted.
  7. Receipts from the estate of a deceased person or as a beneficiary of a trust as stated on Form R185.
  8. Receipts from insurance bond and other annuity arrangements.1
  9. Property income, e.g. furnished or unfurnished lettings, including details of all expenses and dates of occupancy if any let property was ever your only or main residence.
  10. Commissions, gains on surrender of life insurance policies, alimony or maintenance.


  1. Expenses attributable to earned income, including professional subscriptions and any motor expenses not reclaimed from your over and above the HMRC allowed rates.
  2. Expenses attributable to your trade or business or copy accounts if already prepared.
  3. Personal pension premiums and AVC’s or retirement annuity premiums. Forms SEPC, PPPC and VCC.
  4. Gift aid donations, net payments under deeds of covenant and duration of covenant.
  5. Payments of maintenance or alimony.

Capital Gains

  1. Stockbrokers’ contract notes for purchases and sale of quoted stocks and shares, including any sales and subsequent repurchases of shares.
  2. New offers and issues: e.g. privatisation, demutualisations, rights issues, public offers.
  3. Purchases, sales and gifts of other assets, e.g. houses, land, unquoted stocks & shares and related documents etc.

PAYE notices of coding

  1. Please also send all recent PAYE notices of coding in your possession so that your tax payments throughout the year can be calculated correctly.

NB: In addition to these specific details it is always helpful to your chartered tax adviser to outline your personal circumstances and particularly factors that have changed recently or documents you think would be relevant in managing your UK tax affairs, providing UK tax advice and completing your HM Revenue & Customs tax return.

If you have any questions or are at all unsure please contact me.