Where do I send my UK tax return?

If your tax return is already complete…send it to

Self Assessment
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

Would you like me to professionally review you tax return? Just in case? For a 2nd or 3rd opinion?

Why not let me send your tax return electronically? Online? Instant acceptance. Faster processing. Refunds arrive in a few days.

Many people are unsure where to send a completed UK tax return. I always suggest sending a tax return electronically and not on paper for several reasons.

If you need to send in a paper tax return then you can send it to any HMRC tax office and the internal post will forward the return to your actual tax office.

Sending a tax return to HMRC means it needs to be processed manually and HMRC have huge post delays of several months and much post is lost. I always suggest you send post in by registered mail and ideally to a named person. This seems to help speed up processing.

If you have trouble locating a tax office address searching for ‘find a tax office’ on the HMRC website.